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cosmetic peptide I

Recently, in addition to antioxidants, peptides become synonymous withanti-aging skin care products. Matrixyl is probably one of the most famous,but this seems to be the new out of the noun. So, what is the peptide?What is the working principle of them? Why should we spend so much money on skin cream?

Peptide like proteins have the same chemical structure, but their length is shorter. It consists of amino acid. The ingredients in cosmetics in the list,you may see three peptide (tripeptides) or two peptide (dipeptide), their names are different because of the different number of amino acids. Two peptide with two amino acid, three peptides with three amino acids, four peptide (tetrapeptide) is a four amino acid, and so on.

Peptide, if you can call them Mini peptide, is able to send signals to theactivity of cellular and molecular. When the degradation of collagen, it will form a transmitted signal specific peptide to skin said it damaged, need to produce new collagen. Therefore, through the external rub peptides, we try to cheat the skin, let him think recent loss of collagen, need to create morenew collagen.

There are many different synthetic peptides anti aging skin care products,each of them has different effects. Some of them in the list of ingredients isshown is their commodity name, such as Matrixyl and Argireline. These are likely to be multiple peptide mixture.

Peptides with only a small amount, if the reasonable design formula ofwords selected peptide right, they will have very high biological potency.According to the Special Chem 4 Cosmetics, which means that as long as a very low amount can achieve cosmetic results (and retinol (retinol)compared, requires only a small amount of PPM, and the amount of retinol was 600-700 ppm).

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