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Ferulic Acid

Ferulic acid (Ferulic Acid) is a skin care composition is one of the most exciting. This kind of plant derived antioxidants, widely exists in the palnt.

Ferulic acid (Ferulic Acid) is a skin care composition is one of the most exciting. This kind of plant derived antioxidants, widely exists in the grain (grains), Coffee (coffee),spinach, celery (spinach) (parsley), orange (Orange), apple (apples) (grapes), grapesand other fruits and vegetables in the cell wall, can keep the skin healthy, improving skin structure and skin color. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive, so there is no widely used in cosmetics, but if you can afford it, the absolute value for money. So, whatexactly is the ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant

Ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant, can help prevent wrinkles and sun damage.Unlike most of the oxidant that only against one type of free radicals (free, radicals,free radicals are main causes of premature aging), ferulic acid can be three kinds offree radical damage: superoxide (superoxide), hydroxyl radical (hydroxyl radical),nitric oxide (nitric oxide) (reference #1). Because of this, it than vitamins C, E and beta carotene more efficient (reference #2).

Ferulic acid can enhance the effects of other antioxidants

Although the ferulic acid itself is very effective, but it and vitamin C, E to work togetherbetter, ferulic acid, vitamin C and E can help to maintain stability, enhance their antioxidative effect. By the Duke University (Duke University) a study found that: "theascorbic acid and ferulic acid doped L- 15% (L-ascorbic acid) and 1% alpha tocopherol (alpha-tocopherol) solution, can improve the chemical stability of vitamin Cand E, providing light damage to support solar radiation to simulations of 4-8 times ofpreventing the formation of erythema and sunburn cells double (this one is not very sure, source: doubled photoprotection to solar-simulated irradiation of skin from 4-fold to approximately 8-fold as measured by both erythema and sunburn cellformation). This natural antioxidant mixtures of low molecular weight provides a very meaningful cooperation ability of stress reaction of oxidation of door, door light aging and skin cancer is very useful."

Ferulic acid is a potential whitening ingredients

But this is not all of ferulic acid. According to a 1999 study (reference #3), and vitamin E, when used together, ferulic acid can be used as a whitening ingredients for the treatment of pigmentation, because generating it "can inhibit melanin, may be based on the indirect way to inhibit the activity of tyrosine hydroxylase."

Side effects

Although the ferulic acid is generally regarded as safe, if you on Wheat (wheat), corn(corn) and barley (barley) this cereal allergy, you should consult a doctor before usingthis component, to avoid any negative reaction. In addition, although the ferulic acid could increase the stability of other antioxidants to help prevent them from failure, butantioxidant capacity will gradually decay is still inevitable, so use the product must bestored away from light and tighten the lid.

A product containing ferulic acid

Unfortunately, the market did not have much containing products, ferulic acid and even if there were, the price is quite expensive. The most famous is the vitamin CE complex repair essence of Duke (Skinceuticals CE Ferulic), its formula contains 15% of the levorotatory vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C)), 1% of the alpha tocopherol(alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) 0.5%) and Aweium (ferulic acid); Dr. Michelle Copelandreversed time advanced night repair (Dr. Michelle Copeland Rewind Reparative NightSerum); Dr Dennis Gross ferulic acid + retinol whitening essence (Dr Dennis GrossSkincare Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution); Your Best Face (Your Best FaceAntioxidants antioxidant Concentrate); 20% vitamin C+E essence of ferulic acid(Timeless 20% Vitamin Timeless C + E Ferulic Acid Serum) is also very good, cheap,it is worth choice.


Ferulic acid is a potent, plant antioxidants can help fight aging, prevent light damage and even to the treatment of pigmentation. Although it itself is also very effectivewhen it and vitamin C, can enhance the stability and the effect of their E mixed. For this reason, I am very optimistic, in the future there will be more and more companies to launch products contained ferulic acid (hope to introduce more cheaper product!).

ferulic acid

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