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As American culture spectator, I feel on the relationship between the state and thecranberry is a little confused. This time of year, when entering the Thanksgivingdinner table, each a food store boxes of cranberry are piled to the ceiling on the.However, Americans actually privately pretty hate cranberry. Each year, only 5% of fresh Cranberry sales to consumers, I guess it is to Thanksgiving turkey company.So, I began to think of the bitter fruit can become our beauty friends.

Cranberry is one of the sources of vitamin C, but it has antioxidant activity ofpolyphenols is because it contains a high (polyphenols) sake. Free radical oxidationof 100 g Cranberry absorptive capacity (ORAC, Oxygen Radical AbsorbanceCapacity) is 9584. University of Maine will cranberry and other 22 kinds of fruit on the comparative study, found its phenolic (phenols) content was the highest, far more than the red grape. Massachusetts Dartmouth University studied 20 different kinds offruit juice, the total content of phenols in cranberry juice is highest, "found on thestudy of different fruits, cranberry free radical scavenging ability of the highest."

Cranberry CNOOC several flavonoids (flavonoids), including quercetin (quercetin).According to a Cornell University study, quercetin antioxidant ability of flavonoids is the highest in all the. In addition, cranberry or birth three vinyl phenol (tocotrienols) is a good source of the birth of the three allyl phenol is a member of the family ofvitamin E, can protect the skin from sun damage.

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