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L-Tyrosine ethyl ester
Sodium polyglutamate
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Product name: L-Tyrosine ethyl ester
CAS No.: 949-67-7
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
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Cas No.:949-67-7 L-Tyrosine ethyl ester Raw Materials for nutional, food additive and ingredients.

Our chemical team have studied scince 2010 for tyrosine ethyl ester, for now our production capicity reach to 20 ton per year, the quality complies with clients of USA.

Quick Detail:                                                                                                    
Purity: NLT98.0%
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
Usage : Cosmetic Raw Materials/Skin whitening/Anti-inflammatory /Anti-acne






White crystalline powder



Molecular wt f


Heavy metals


Loss on Drying





L-Tyrosine ethyl ester(Ethyl L-tyrosinate) is a catalytic substrate of tyrosinase monophenolase function, and is the main raw material for the formation of melanin and brown melanin. In the development of whitening cosmetics, tyrosinase structural analogues can also be effectively inhibited by studying the synthesis of tyrosine-competitive tyrosinase. Vitiligo patients to eat foods containing tyrosine can promote melanin formation, reduce symptoms of vitiligo. Amino acid infusion and amino acid compound preparation of raw materials, as nutritional supplements. Treatment of polio and sex nuclear encephalitis, hyperthyroidism embolism. Also used in the manufacture of diiodotyrosine, dibromo-tyrosine and L-dopa raw materials.

[1] other: ⒈ medicine for hyperthyroidism; food additives for flavor, spices. ⒉ is an important biochemical reagents, synthetic peptide hormones, antibiotics, L-dopa and other drugs, the main raw material. ⒊ widely used in agricultural scientific research, but also for beverage additives and preparation of artificial insect feed.
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