Hyaluronic Acid(Sodium Hyaluronate)
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Product name: Hyaluronic Acid
CAS No.: 9004-61-9
EINESC: 232-678-0
Molecular Formula: C28H44N2O23
Molecular Weight: (1.5-1.7) X 106
Brand name RebTECH

Cas No. :9004-61-9 Hyaluronic Acid Antiage Moisture Retention 


HA is widely consists in the extracelluar spaces of animal tissue.Almost kinds of animal tissue contain the different quantity of HA. TodayHyaluronic Acid has been found from skin, cockcomb, brain, vitreum, connectivetissue, umbilical cord, human serum, articular fluid, gristle, human urine,cock embryo, oocyte, artery and vein etc. which is the sodium salt ofHyaluronic Acid, a glycosaminoglycan  consisting of D-glucuronic acid andN-acetyl-D-glucosamine disaccharide units .





Appearance White powder Conforms
Transparency(in 0.1% aq.sol.)     NLT 99.0% 99.9%                  
PH 6.0-7.5 6.7
Loss on Drying NMT 10% 7.2%                          
Molecular weight,Da   0.76 x106
Protein NMT 0.1 0.01%
Arsenic NMT 2ppm Conforms                                           
Heavy Metal NMT 20ppm       Conforms            
Total bacteria count ≤10cfu/g Conform                    
Staphylococcus aureus Negative Negative
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Negative Negative
MESH 60 Mesh Conform
Conclusion The product meets the standards


HA plays a vital role in the skin , which helps to retain over a 1000 timesits weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellentmoisturizer.  In fact, no other biological substance can retain asmuch water as HA resulting in increased smoothness, softening and decreasedwrinkles.  Its water solution has a very high moisture retention.

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